BMG BullionBars: Real Wealth Protection

Precious metals bullion the only effective way to protect wealth in turbulent economic times, according to Bullion Management Group Inc.

TORONTO, ON (July 7, 2009) Today’s economic uncertainty has created a shift in the markets as investors, no longer confident in equities or real estate, turn to precious metals – gold, silver and platinum bullion – to protect their portfolios. In response to this growing demand for physical bullion, Bullion Management Group Inc. (BMG) has introduced BMG BullionBars, a secure and cost-effective way for investors to purchase and safely store precious metals bullion in one convenient process.

“No other investment offers the combination of downside protection and upside potential as precious metals bullion. It minimizes the real impact of inflation and offers true portfolio diversification,” said Nick Barisheff, president and CEO of BMG. “BMG BullionBars represent a secure, cost-effective and convenient way to protect your wealth with allocated and insured investment-grade gold, silver and platinum bullion.”

Much of the bullion that is purchased and traded on the world’s bullion market is owned in unallocated form. Holders of unallocated bullion do not own any specific bullion; they merely have a claim on an unspecified portion of a general pool of bullion.

With BMG BullionBars, investors will have the ability to take delivery of their bars or place them in custodial storage. BMG provides allocated and insured storage through a custodial agreement with a major Canadian charter bank on the investor’s behalf. With storage, BMG BullionBars provide title documentation to each specific bullion bar. For each stored bar, the investor will receive a Bullion Deed that includes their name, the bar weight, assayer, purity, fineness and serial number.

The storage option eliminates the need for purchasers to deal with the inherent challenges and security issues of taking physical delivery of bullion, from arranging secure transportation to renting storage in a repository or an uninsured safety deposit box.

“BMG BullionBars also offer convenient and easy liquidity,” added Barisheff. “Because they meet Good Delivery Standards and are stored in an LBMA member bank vault, the bullion’s chain of integrity is intact. The bullion bars can be sold quickly, without delay or penalty.”

BMG BullionBars may be purchased through BMG Authorized Dealers, making the process of purchase, custodial storage and sale of allocated bullion easy and convenient. “Simply put,” Barisheff said, “BMG BullionBars represent the gold standard in bullion investment.”

Dealer enquiries are invited.