Global Leader in Assistance Industry now offers services in Canada

August 4, 2010 – Toronto, Ontario – Europ Assistance (EA), the global pioneer of the assistance industry is pleased to announce their expansion into the Canadian assistance marketplace. This fall, EA will begin offering a full suite of industry leading assistance products and services to the Canadian marketplace under the Europ Assistance Canada banner.  Health, home & family and travel are all areas in which they provide assistance and peace of mind.

“We have a range of offerings for each area,” said Alex Kroon, President, Europ Assistance Canada. “Health, home & family, and travel assistance are important to everyone and to every company. We provide assistance and reassurance to the end user and cost containment to Canadian corporations.”


Being able to provide Canadians with healthcare options is one of EA Canada’s cornerstones and the philosophy of borderless healthcare, in which EA assists the client to take control of their healthcare schedule and treatment as part of their medical concierge offering.  EA Canada’s Medical Concierge Program also provides clients with access to Executive Medicals and 2nd Opinion Services at leading Canadian and global medical facilities.

“Borderless healthcare is the way of the future,” stated Kroon. “When it comes to your health, you need to be in control. The Canadian system is the best in the world and our first objective is to work within that system, however it is complicated and Canadians need professionals who understand how to navigate it. Further, we believe healthcare should not have borders, if you need an MRI or other specialized service across the border, we can assist you at every stage.”

“Our medical case management, North American and international proprietary provider networks, customized services, and technology are all seamlessly interwoven,” said Kroon. “This ensures patients receive the best-possible medical care and service, while reducing and managing our clients’ risks and costs.

Home Repairs Protection Plan

As part of its wide range of offerings, EA Canada will provide peace of mind for homeowners with 24/7/365 assistance when a non-insured emergency affects their home.  EA Canada Home Assurance Program provides access to a credentialed network of licensed home repair contractors and technician’s homeowners can trust.

“Our emergency home repair service protects you when you come home and find your furnace or water heater is broken in February, or your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of summer. You don’t have time to do a quality check on repair services. We’ve already done that for you. Finding someone to make repairs any time of day or night is also tricky, again we have it covered.”

Four different plan options are available with flexibility to upgrade coverage at anytime and this program covers labour and home repair costs homeowners face in an emergency situation.

Home and healthcare within Canadian borders is one thing, but what about abroad? EA Canada provides an expatriate insurance and assistance program for Canadians working outside our borders.

Expat Insurance and Assistance

Managing International health insurance is one of EA’s specialties, and they have been successfully doing so for over 10 years. EA’s International Health Solutions Expat Insurance and Assistance Program is a comprehensive, best-in-class and flexible solution designed to assist Canadian employees working abroad for extended periods of time. Expat insurance and assistance is a premium benefit for companies to offer their best and brightest working around the world.

“Canadians working abroad are often your top employees,” said Kroon “You need to protect them and provide them with the best coverage possible. You need to be able to get them emergency medical care of the same quality they would receive in Canada but in sometimes far flung corners of the world. We have spent years developing a network thousands strong to provide that type of coverage.”

Some of the Expat-focused services include emergency repatriation, medical transfer and evacuation, chronic treatment benefits along with a host of programs that would normally be available to workers in Canada.

Travel Assistance

Having worked with travelers for over 40 years, EA has long been the trendsetter in the field of travel assistance and Canadian insurance companies that offer travel insurance can now have access to their extensive network and years of expertise.

EA’s strength is in Third Party Administration (TPA) of travel plans. By adding EA’s TPA experience and extensive range of services to a travel insurance offering, insurance companies can add significant value to their plan and ensure their members are protected. EA’s Travel Assistance Program provides Canadian insurance companies with a comprehensive program, competitive prices and EA’s world-renowned level of service.

Travel assistance services include, 24/7/365 emergency assistance, medical case management, claims management, Provincial Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP) recovery, co-ordination of benefits, and emergency repatriation.

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About Europ Assistance Canada

EA Canada is dedicated to making Canadians’ lives easier through our comprehensive Health, Home & Family and Travel Assistance Solutions, 24/7, 365-days-a-year.Our world-class network helps Canadians and Canadian businesses get the assistance they need when they need it. EA Canada employs over 200 people and its headquarters are located in Thornhill, ON.

EA Canada is a division of Europ Assistance, the leading provider and global pioneer of the assistance industry. Founded in 1963, as the inventor of the assistance concept, the Europ Assistance Group operates on a global basis in order to bring its 300 million worldwide private and corporate clients appropriate solutions to deal with day-to-day or emergency situations. Owned by the GENERALI group, the Europ Assistance group is made up of 80 consolidated companies in 35 countries, , employs over 6,800 people worldwide, has ground agents located in 208 countries, works with 410,000 approved partners available at all times and supported by 38 call centres.